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Create Your Elixir With Alanna

Create Your Elixir With Alanna


Musician / Makeup Artist / Licensed Esthetician

Create Your Elixir explores the routines and habits of our inspiring community through an interview series. Everyday we have the choice to start new habits and we're motivated to create the future of nail care where we can have fun, boost creativity, and empower others by amplifying women's voices. And to kick start our series, we had the opportunity to interview the incredibly-talented, Alanna Malcom. We're excited to share Alanna's story and her journey of starting new routines, where she finds inspiration, and her favorite nail color combinations.

First, when did you realize nail care was important? And what's your current routine?
I've been painting my nails for years, but I didn't realize how important nail care was until the past 2ish years. I would say my current routine is a work in progress. I'm really trying to find products I love and also really trying to learn how to use a cuticle cutter with hurting myself. 

Second, how does a manicure make you feel?
PUT TOGETHER. Painting my nails is always my favorite me-time moment.

Where do you get your inspiration for your nail colors/combinations?
I get a lot of inspiration from different instagram accounts. I am a BRIGHT COLOR person. Neon nails no matter the season. I get inspiration for nail combinations from my favorite album covers a lot of times too so that's cool.                                                       

 Neon Nails No Matter The Season


Elixir is about creating new habits and reinventing yourself. Are there any new routines or a moment of reinvention that you started this year?
This year I actually went fully vegan and it has been an amazing thing for my body. I'm more aware of the things I consume and where my products are coming from. I was motivated to become vegan primarily for environmental reasons. It became super important to me to make that switch when I realized how much waste and the toll it takes on the environment (and animals obviously) to produce meat or dairy

Who is inspiring you right now?
There are currently a ton of people in my city that are inspiring me. I have a lot of friends that are amazing artists, photographers, musicians. One of my good friends Hannah (@in.hansland) is very inspiring. She's a ridiculous photographer, model, musician. Her work is so amazing and pushes me to want to be a better artist. She's also a super sick person and she makes me want to be better.

"My favorite self-care routine has to be getting up at 7am on my off days. I love getting up, going for walks, making an iced matcha, reading, going to the pool. Anything. I just love getting up early and have the house quiet and getting to spend sometime by myself before the chaos of the day begins."

Is there a black owned business or community resource you think everyone should know?
I’ve been trying out more black owned businesses and two of my favorite by far have been Rosen Skincare and The Lip Bar!

Name your favorites -

    • Favorite Album: ATLiens - Outkast
    • Favorite Artist: Kaytranada (right now)
    • Favorite Book: War Against All Puerto Ricans by Nelson Antonio Denis.
    • Favorite Movie: Hereditary hands DOWN
    • Favorite Restaurant: This little vegan food truck in my city with the BEST vegan friend chicken called HapPea Vegan
Do you have any projects coming up? If so, how can people follow along for more info?
Yes, actually! My roommate just got done mixing and mastering our first single that we're hoping to release end of August or early September.

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